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The IFX Framework Project provides an open-source Java framework to build and parse IFX XML messages from and to JavaBeans. The beans are generated from the Schema file available from the IFX Web Site. The conversion to and from XML is carried out by the supplied XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder classes.

The primary audience of this project is intended to be application developers working with IFX XML. Most applications concentrate on one or few of the financial transactions that IFX addresses. Consequently, it may be practical to build a framework to address IFX XML to Java interoperability issues on a per application basis. With the IFX Framework it is possible to address the whole range of financial transactions without having to know the details of IFX XML. The developer concentrates on building the JavaBean objects and uses the IFX Framework to handle the generation and parsing of IFX XML messages, cutting down on the time and effort needed to develop such applications.

For more information on the IFX XML Specification, please visit the IFX Home Page

 Release Notes
Version 1.2-1 released. This is a bug fix release. The previous distributions did not contain the Velocity templates that were used for code generation, they are included starting with this release.
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Version 1.2 released. This release works with the IFX specification version 1.7. Starting with the 1.6 version, there are multiple files which are imported via xsd:import into the main specification. The Code Generator has been refactored to enable support for imported XSD files. This release also adds support for the xsd:boolean base type, and cleans up the test to allow setting of the appropriate XSD file without changing the code.
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Version 1.1 released. This release fixes a bug where the generated code was not honoring the maxOccurs attribute in the schema. The generated code now gets and sets arrays of elements when the maxOccurs attribute for that element is set to unbounded. Related changes have also been made to the encoder and decoder, the IFXObject and the JUnit test cases.
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Version 1.0 released. This release limits the scope of this project to its original charter, namely providing a JavaBean abstraction layer to build and parse IFX XML Messages. The adapter frameworks for databases and other messaging systems have been dropped in favor of building a robust XML adapter mechanism. The CodeGenerator tool is complete, and generates IFX beans for IFX Schemas versions 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. The XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder classes encodes and decodes beans to and from IFX XML Messages. The schema itself is used to validate the incoming XML Messages.
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Version 0.1 (alpha) released. This release provides functionality for signon and signoff messages. The XML, database and flat file adapters are complete and partially tested, and there is quite a bit of work to create beans for the other services (Base, Bank, Media, Presentation, etc). Lot of work still remains in terms of creating JUnit tests for the new beans.
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